The Korenika eco-social farm is located in Šalovci, at the very heart of the Goričko Landscape Park. After only a few years of operation, Korenika has already become recognizable in a wider geographical area. The professional public recognizes it as an example of good practice in social entrepreneurship, employing people with disabilities and other vulnerable social groups, as well as sheltered employment.

At the Korenika farm, we established a system of organic food production and processing. We produce crops, herbs, fruit and vegetables on over 20 hectares of land, and we also pick wild fruit and turn them into organic products.

We produce and sell our own brand of herbal teas, cold-pressed oils, dried and pickled fruit and vegetables, food for the winter, juices, syrups and much more. You can browse our offer in our online store.

We arranged a spacious herb garden and animal park, which is home to many animals popular with our youngest visitors. As the number of visitors continues to rise, we offer more and more activities and educational events in this pleasant, soothing and impressive rural environment. The increasing number of visitors has positively influenced the development of our tourist and catering offer. We offer workshops based on experiential learning for many schools and kindergartens, where children and young people can learn, relax and play at the same time. 


In 2006, the Mozaik Society came up with the idea of opening a centre for work training and employing people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. The Mozaik Society and the Korenika Institute, established in 2008, began renovations on an abandoned farm and established the first educational and work-related activities. 

We also bought some equipment; one of the items was a press for cold pressing quality vegetable oils. A few years later, the Korenika hemp oil became synonymous with one of the best varieties of oil produced from this medicinal, versatile plant. Other quality, organic products became highly popular as well, so we soon started selling them to Slovenian supermarkets and specialised organic shops.

In 2012, the legal entities working under the Korenika eco-social farm were joined by the Pribinovina company business unit, which moved from the technological park in Murska Sobota and began establishing higher quality standards in organic production and work organization in Korenika. With high investment inputs in 2013 and 2014, we completely reformed the Korenika farm and set up conditions to achieve a higher work quality.


Korenika’s mission is to nurture dignity, respect and self-respect among employees and towards other people. In the future, we will continue to employ people with disabilities, people from other vulnerable social groups and offer sheltered employment. All this in line with our capabilities.

The Korenika eco-social farm strives to nurture good relationships with the local and wider environment by taking into account these words of wisdom: act local, think global. Organic products will be produced and offered to you in accordance with strict organic certificate standards.

At the Korenika farm, we respect people, nature, culture and animals. Social entrepreneurship is an innovative form of entrepreneurship with a great sense of responsibility for the society and the people. Our business motives lie in solving social, economic, environmental and other problems. This helps us create new jobs for vulnerable groups of people and do socially useful activities. Just like conventional companies, social companies are also active on the market, but the difference is that we do not share the profit, but rather bring it back into the company. Social entrepreneurship connects people by encouraging cooperation and volunteer work. In this way, we strengthen solidarity in society. 

Visiting Korenika    

When you visit the Korenika farm, you can spend quality time in nature and at the farm while you learn about ecology, environmental protection and farming. Human well-being as well as physical and mental health of every individual is of utmost importance.  

Being aware of healthy, ecologically balanced soil management processes, food production and processing is becoming increasingly significant and therefore we work in this direction ever more frequently.  

The Korenika farm is distinguished by ecological awareness and tidiness, professionalism and a cordial atmosphere among co-workers and towards guests. Here you will be able to receive and enjoy:

• Information and knowledge of organic production and processing of fruit, herbs, vegetables and cereals
• Beneficial effects of the Goričko nature and the genuine nature of its people
• Unforgettable adventures in interaction with tame animals and much more.

You will walk through a vast herb garden and learn the secrets of medicinal herbs care. While sitting on the bench, you will be able to observe nature, enjoy the garden’s charms and gather fresh energy. 

In the grasslands and forests of the former Rotceni homestead with the renovated century old house in its centre, lies ananimal park. You can visit the cultural landmark of this place, the Rotceni house, which is registered as cultural heritage, learn about its architectural features and historic landmarks of this town. The contact with tame, endearing animals will lift your spirits and stir up positive emotions. 

Should you wish to do so, we will visit the nearby Lake Hodoš, which is home to otters and beavers. The lake plays a significant part in protecting wild flora and fauna. Its story will impress any nature lover.

We will also prepare a rich culinary experience for closed groups. Our culinary offer is based on home-made local dishes, yet its originality and inventiveness makes it modern, so that even the most demanding guests leave satisfied. 

We are currently renovating a third farm, which will house the Štorklja Multigenerational Centre functioning under the auspices of the Korenika farm. The Štorklja centre combines different activities for the local population. A choir and an Orff music group operate within this centre. The participants can enjoy literary readings, culinary and herb workshops, learn foreign languages, attend travelogues, personal growth workshops and different creative workshops for children. Štorklja and Korenika are becoming ever more integrated and this is why we wish that a Day Centre for the Elderly would start operating at Korenika in the future. The elderly population in the town is increasing, so it is crucial to maintain their vitality by being active, connected and living close to home. 

Each year the Korenika farm hosts an eco festival, where visitors can learn about new developments and acquisitions as well as socialize over good food and music. The festival also includes a rich cultural programme, guided tours and a concert.




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